Corporate film for the creative thinker. We work differently, use big ideas & create engaging videos for your business

Wise Guys specialise in making creative corporate film for a diverse portfolio of clients. We hold the view that the drab and uninspiring world of corporate video could do with an injection of creative cinematography that you might find in film and television. We have seen first-hand that this style of corporate film boosts traffic through websites, increases hits on social media channels and instantly give a company a more customer-focused and professional image.


The internet is changing corporate activity all the time and video is more vital than ever. If you have any doubts over the importance of good video for business, then please watch our infographic on web-based video statistics. We're here to help develop your brand so whatever you might need, get in touch and we'll always do our best to accommodate whatever your business' needs might be. We are happy to offer advice with no obligation so don’t be afraid to ask.


Despite being based in Milton Keynes, we have made films around the world. We do however care deeply about the local aspect of our business and consider it equally important as our global reach. We work closely with the non-profit sector offering heavily discounted or free videos to community projects and charities. If you manage either of these, please get in touch to find out more.




Charlie takes a lot of inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s films citing that he ultimately wants to become a magician, Batman or an astronaut depending on which feature he saw last, all of which he will never achieve. He was not put off filmmaking following a row with his mum at the tender age of 10 when he taped over his brother’s best sporting achievement with a Lego man biopic.



As one of the world’s biggest Wes Anderson fans, Sam still finds time each day to remember a slider shot of a pot of cream cheese he once did that he described as ‘very Wes Anderson-y’. A lover of extreme sports like snowboarding and unextreme sports like golf, Sam rarely finds himself without something to film. The aforementioned Mr Anderson is somebody that he sees as an inspiration.


We like to be as creative as we can but we understand that the style of a video needs to suit the company it represents. Before starting any kind of filmmaking process, we believe sitting down with our client and understanding their needs is imperative. We tailor the video to you so if you have any questions about what we offer then get in touch.


Our pricing structure varies based on what our clients need. If you would like a fast, no obligation quote, then please contact us to tell us what sort of video you’d like and we’ll get straight back to you. We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating so don’t hesitate to ask for special requests.


All of our videos are produced in high definition and can be provided to you, online or as a hard copy, in multiple formats. We offer a range of HD film including:




You may already have an idea for your company’s latest advert, if not, we’re happy to help with every step - from concept to final product. Our cinematographers have won awards from the likes of Philadelphia Cheese for creative advertisements.

You may want to give your customers a feel for your company without directly selling a product. Short films can be a great way of showing off the strengths of your business as a whole. This style is a fantastic way of telling your story and promoting your brand.

Video testimonials are the perfect way of reassuring  potential clients. We will help you identify your most suitable customers, tailor questions and put together a creative testimonial that ensures your company is portrayed in exactly the way you want.




A documentary can be great for conveying the history of your organisation. A detailed journey with a wide selection of chronologically ordered interviews and archived content is a great way of providing an in-depth look at what you do.

Explaining important information online can often be a dull affair. By using engaging motion graphics you can clearly and creatively show off your best products and services in short videos that are perfect for your website and social media pages.

If you want explainers with a personal touch, a piece to camera with visual accompaniments is a great way of explaining processes or products. An ideal resource to include on your site to help  customers understand what you do and how you operate.


Given the nature of our industry, we're not always able to show all of the videos we make, so if you don't see a particular film style that you're interested in, then get in touch and we'll do our best to send you over an example.


Drops recently launched their brand new UCI women's cycling team at the London Bike Show. They wanted a short and snappy promo that would grab the attention of their followers and supporters on social media.



Little Wing asked us for a motion graphics video to go with their rebranded company website. They asked us to explain  their impressive commercial work and how they use it to fund valuable community training.



Following a website redesign, British Felt required a home page video. We created a 'day in the life' video to show off their state of the art machinery while also highlighting the personal touch that goes into their products.



Niagara Smalls was a Wise Guys project designed to increase our own brand awareness. Within days, tens of thousands had viewed the film and it has featured on numerous news and entertainment websites.



Jersey Road were after a stylish and professional testimonial to show potential customers. We went down to one of their biggest clients, MK Dons Football Club, to make the most of their unique, modern facilities.




If you have any questions or comments about the work we do, please contact us. We're more than happy to offer quotes, help and advice with no obligation so why not give us a call, email or connect with us on social media.



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Corporate film for the creative thinker. We work differently, use big ideas & create engaging videos for your business

Corporate film for the creative thinker. We work differently, use big ideas & create engaging videos for your business