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In an industry where data capture and transfer form such an integral part of the day to day, we often find it funny that the best camera media is the one you never have to think about. Our Angelbird SD, C-Fast and SSD's are permanent fixtures on every shoot, quietly and efficiently doing the hard work inside our cameras and monitor/recorders; stowing our footage in a multitude of codecs in varying frame rates. As the environments and technical specification of each job changes, for us, Angelbird media is a constant.

Client budgets sometimes allow for a much bigger crew, but many of our commercial shoots are done with a skeleton crew - with that comes a number of challenges. Rigging our cameras and lighting a set with no time and limited man-power is never ideal - but it is part of the territory. After every shoot, once all is said and done, you need media that's going to store your footage safely until you back it up. Using Angelbird, is just one less thing for us to worry about. Additionally, Angelbird is a practical solution for small businesses:  financial pressures may come into play and having an affordable option when it comes to our gear is vital. We have found Angelbird products to be incredible value for money, with their performance easily exceeding their price tag.


Fast, spacious and relentless in their reliability, we have never had a reason to be nervous about any of their products. Currently the industry and technology that drives it is making impossible recording formats cheaper, easier and more accessible. We (like most shooters with modern compact cinema cameras) are often filming in some form of compressed RAW. Recording huge amounts of information on to a fast and stable drive with different size options is paramount and our Atom X Minis, Eco Master Caddys and V90 SDs have all worked flawlessly from their first outing. As owners of both the Atomos Shogun Inferno and Atomos Ninja V, Angelbird SSD's are the perfect companion and completely eradicate the need to use fiddly plastic housing.


It's not just stoic dependability that makes Angelbird products a pleasure to use, each card and drive is manufactured to the highest quality. Their solid and rugged build makes them perfect in challenging shoot locations and the small form factor of the Atom X Minis assures they don't take up much real estate in the Peli's either. The solid aluminium casing also means it can survive the odd bump. Even their SD's are shock, dust and water temperature proof!


Forming strong partnerships with clients is incredibly important. We can always depend on the Angelbird team to be there when we need to ask questions about any of their products. It’s been delightful to have worked alongside them on a project with Panasonic and Atomos in March: we're so excited to continue using their wonderful products whilst developing our continued relationship.




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